Working at Matrix Personeel

Matrix Personeel will help you find the job and employer that’s just right for you. Either in cleaning or in hospitality. And because we have plenty of jobs at the best companies throughout the Netherlands, you’ll have work in no time at all!

Do you want to work weekends or quiet evening shifts? Or would you prefer to only work during school hours so that you can look after your children? Do you like working overtime? If you are eager to work and don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, we have plenty of available jobs. You could start at Matrix Personeel as soon as tomorrow!


What can you expect from us?

An attractive salary, good employment terms and – of course – a fantastic job in a great company, since that’s what it’s all about! But there’s more…

To us at Matrix Personeel, it’s very important that you’re happy in your job so that you can go to work with a spring in your step. Good communication, both with you and with your employer, is vital to us. This is what makes us that little bit different. If you’ve just started somewhere, we’ll ask how you are doing and whether you are happy. When we know that something is wrong, we can work on fixing it. So, please tell us if you have questions or run into any problems. We are here to help you!

At Matrix Personeel, we like to invest time and energy in you so that you feel right at home. If you like your job, there’s a good chance of it becoming a permanent position. Would you like to further develop in your job and attend a relevant course or training session? There are plenty of options here too.

Sign up to Matrix Personeel

Do you want to start as soon as possible? Then sign up to Matrix Personeel. We’ll call to meet you, discuss your requirements and together look at what job and what company best suits you.